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Climate Guardians: Animation for Climate Change


Project Period: July to November 2019 Level: University Project Description: A digital game that gamifies the fight against climate change. It involves a parent and child character. Role: Animator Skills: Motion design, exhibition design, ideation, coding Result: 'High Distinction'

Deliverables: Playable game prototype, animated game trailers, in-game videos, showcase exhibit, project website and progress blog


"Climate Guardians" was a game developed for Australian Parents for Climate Action in response to their provocation. AP4CA wanted a creative project which could spark intergenerational conversations on climate change.


Climate change has become an emerging issue for the world and attention on the issue has been steadily increasing. AP4CA aims to foster more intergenerational conversations among families, the community and government. This makes sense as climate change often impacts the next generation if it was left unaddressed.

I embarked on this topic because I wanted to work on climate change, a topic I have never immersed myself in and I found the topic to be a unique challenge. There was a need to make the issue understandable and accessible without trivialising it.


As part of research, the team went down to an AP4CA meet to better understand the client and their operations. After rounds of discussion, we pared down the idea into a game which featured a parent and child character.

The team looked into which programme or coding language will be used to make the game. This involved many searches on LinkedIn Learning, reaching out to connections and relevant gaming communities. Due to our limitation with time and coding proficiency, we settled on making the game prototype using HTML and Java.

As the animator, I too had a lot of difficulty with certain aspects of the animation and experimenting which techniques would work. It took me out of my existing animation knowledge to finish my part but I realised that looking for online tutorials is part of the animation job.

Takeaways/lessons learnt

Ideas change. It is part of the creative process to adapt and overcome challenges brought about from limitations.

It is okay to not know all the answers. At many times during the project, our team did not have the knowledge or skills to complete parts of the task. It is also lucky that information, like online tutorials, is readily available on the Internet and we can learn on the go. It sets a precedent for creatives to be open to new knowledge and evolve as the industry changes.

Collaboration goes a long way. Bringing in a subject matter expert early on in the project helped the team progress

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