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All of my projects start off with one action - putting pen to paper. I've always been writing since I was a kid. I'm proficient with researching an idea, finding an angle, outlining and writing a piece that will engage with audiences. 

Below are some of my writing works.


We all struggle sometimes, and it’s ok to admit that

I made a video and an article about how it's okay to feel overwhelm, admit it and seek help. It happens to the best to us and to me. I also shared how I overcome the burnout and relieve the pressure.


S’poreans may change their accent to be understood abroad. It doesn’t make them less S’porean.

I wrote a piece for Mothership.SG about speaking English in a foreign country. I also sought to dispel some misconceptions of accent switching. 

Published works

These are my latest pieces that I have contributed to the respective publication and organisations.


Shakespeare in the park: The Tempest

Theatre in a park? I'm sold. Where can I get my ticket. I caught Shakespeare's The Tempest and wrote all about it.


Preserving and appreciating hawker culture

Hawkers are quintessential to Singaporean food culture. At the World Street Food Congress, we saw the best hawkers and discussed how to preserve the trade. 


*SCAPE's live concerts invade schools

We bade mundane school assemblies goodbye thanks to the *SCAPE Invasion Tour. Local musicians come to Singapore schools to entertain and inspire young students.


I was an editorial intern for an online lifestyle and news publication.

Some of the stories and events I covered related to theatre, food and music.

Think i'm suitable for your organisation or project?
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