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Hello, I'm Yonas. 

I am a videography creative. This means that I also enjoy strategising video work on top of being capable of executing all phases of the production process. I especially enjoy video editing. Due to my studies and interests, I have a suite of media skills ranging from writing, journalism to graphic design, videography and photography. This affords me the understanding and capability of producing different works using those skills and publish them on different platforms.


I am currently based in Singapore.

What I do.

With a journalism and communication background, I like to document experiences and share meaningful messages. I also like all things storytelling. The work I do runs the gamut from writing articles and strategising a message to designing collaterals, photographing an event, filming and editing a video. 

I have done work for commercial, nonprofit organisations and government bodies. 

You can find a copy of my resume here

Why do I do it?

I believe that everyone has something to share and I would like to help people tell their story or share a message. I am, by nature, a curious person and I like to find out more about culture, people, place and food. 

I love to produce creative concepts. I get really excited when I execute a creative idea and see the wonderful outcome of it. 

How can you contact me?

You can contact me via


You can find me on

You can find my other works on

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